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Which Storm/RotoGrip ball should I get???

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  • Which Storm/RotoGrip ball should I get???

    Hi all,
    I am in my first league (very excited) and this is a league where 20 people will be randomely drawn to choose a Storm or Roto Grip ball of their choice. I have been bowling in the 140's with a straight throw but if I win a ball I would like to get a ball that I can hook. Any suggestions on what ball would be a good choice for my first real ball? Any advice would help since I am such a novice. Thanks.

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    Of the Storm line I'd either go with the Tropical line of balls for your first reactive coverstock but this line won't give you a huge hook. Perhaps the Super Natural, Ride, or Punch Out from the Hot line of Storm balls will give you a bit more hook without a big price point. Roto Grip? My first reactice coverstock was a Roto Grip Shout...if you can still find one new in box it is a great ball to start with. Of the newer Roto Grip offerings I'd suggest the Loco or maybe a step up to Wrecker or Uproar. Hope that helps.