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  • Post your 2014-2015 League season scores here!

    Had our league meeting on Friday 8/22, but we don't start bowling until Sept 5th. Hope knee is healthy enough by then, haven't bowled a game since April.


    High Series: 807 & 826 & 813
    High Game: 300(3), 299(7), 298(4), 290(4)

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    First Night

    Rolled a couple practice games last week and League Officer Meetings (Capt's Meeting), had not rolled since league ended.

    First game started with my E-Pro, in middle of the next two game switched balls to Taboo B/S and Raw Hammer Burn.

    254, 182 and 146 for 582.

    Each Ball changed resulted in better carry and a strikes.


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      Consistent night.

      Started with Taboo B/S... games 1 and 2, then to my E-Pro.
      Taboo was scuffed up last week with a Gold Scotch Brite Pad.
      E-Pro has the whatever surface from last season. Probably 1500 Polished.

      204, 223 and 214 for 641 on 194 average.

      Only a 2-3 opens if I remember correctly... maybe 4.

      This league uses average from last season for first 3 weeks; so your average if you bowled the league or high average for those who did not.


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        hi tenpin and LW. Andrew here. 673 and 660 for the first two weeks. Finished with 278 this week. Couldn't seem to get all 12.


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          Well first week back after laying of this summer, not great but not bad only 5 opens all night.
          Found out one thing, need to replace spare ball thumb insert.

          40.6% strikes
          40% spares
          16.7% opens
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            Started with my Taboo B/S, was definitely concerned as the night started. It seemed to be sliding on both lanes in warm-up a tad... ended up just being the right lane. So all night played my feet the same spot on the approach but at the arrows. Third game switched the E-Pro.

            238, 192 and 263 for 693 on 203 average.


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              Started league tonight. Still a little unsure of my slide knee holding up, not sure what is wrong but something is. Bowled all night with my Black Widow Assassin, games of: 205-228-218=651 for a 217 starting average.



              High Series: 807 & 826 & 813
              High Game: 300(3), 299(7), 298(4), 290(4)


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                Started Friday night league last night and shot 195-171-214 for a 580 series, had 2 opens in the second game that should have been easily converted. I am feeling a great season this year.


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                  Well tonight was pretty good, We got another bowler for the team! Now we are only down one person.
                  The new guy is from the league last year, 174 ave., he didn't get on his old team. so he was a free agent.

                  We had a good night, new guy shot his ave. or better, Sandie shot 110 pins over her entering ave.

                  First two games I didn't do bad, the third I fell way off. I was hot and didn't make the right move quick enough.

                  Mark Rate
                  55.9% strikes
                  20% spares
                  20% open
                  10% split



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                    Started out without my Taboo B/S with a 3/2 off my normal starting spot... lanes seemed different and we had a few people beating up the same spot right off the spot.

                    Started each game with a 3/2 move. Last game also changed the to the E-Pro.

                    198, 223 and 224 for 645 on 212 average.

                    Saw a wider variety of scoring this week, still the typical high games but more people struggling. Probably just the weather affecting things in the center and with people as well.


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                      9/12 TGIF League

                      - 266 - 184 - 248 = 698 Series, 6 game average 224.83

                      - Used my BW Assassin all three games again. Lost focus the second game, dealing with pay envelopes and USBC cards again. Love being the the end of the season when I get paid. lol



                      High Series: 807 & 826 & 813
                      High Game: 300(3), 299(7), 298(4), 290(4)


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                        Well strong night tonight! 655 series and we took all 7 points.

                        Mark Rate:
                        65.7% Strikes
                        20% Spares
                        13.3% Opens
                        10% Splits



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                          Used my Taboo B/S most of the night. Was 2/1 left to start and made a 1/1 later in the night. Couple guys on the pair moved 2 right the last game to help fight carry down or backend reaction issues.

                          Middle game tried my E-Pro to see if would help drive harder down lane as the adjustments really didn't do much. The polish spelled doom tonight for me. Finish the game with the B/S.

                          Probably a combo pattern wider killing any chances of getting the ball to carry from 10 board, the Eruption Pro allow me free up my swing to bring it off 7-8 down lane and drive hard into the pocket and carry more often.

                          193, 196 and 216 for 605 on 213 average.


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                            Using a Brunswick Twisted Fury, started league 2 weeks ago with a 194 average, then after scores of 183, 224, 225, 227, 228 & 246 in the last 2 weeks the average is up to 212.


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                              9/19 TGIF League

                              - 189 - 243 - 235 = 667 Series, 9 game average 224.00

                              - still don't have faith in my slide knee and that it will fully hold me up when I slide. hard to bowl good when you are afraid of your knee going out on you.



                              High Series: 807 & 826 & 813
                              High Game: 300(3), 299(7), 298(4), 290(4)