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    Bowling Season Finale:
    202/193/258 653 Series 20/8/5/0 line
    As for the Team roll off we failed miserably as we do every year. Through the first game we were in first place but then game 3 the rest of my teammates fell off hard throwing really under average. We came in 4th out of 4 but still finished the season with 131 points which is more than I've ever seen on this league.
    I also cleaned up in the sweepers (extra cash bonus for high game/series this week) with 1st place in both. As well as cash bonus for season high game 298. You can't win more than one category to be fair to everyone. So individually a solid night.
    If tonight would have counted towards season average I would finish with 19,774 total pin fall through 93 games and a 212.62 average.
    No more bowling till September


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      Week 30


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        The brutality that is a Pro USBC heavy oil pattern:

        10th Annual California USBC Open Championship

        5/29/15 Team Event- 139/183/174 496 Series

        5/31/15 Doubles Event- 167/184/169 520 Series

        5/31/15 Singles Event 190/220/233 643 Series