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A Nights Lane Play Part 4 (22 pins up)

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  • A Nights Lane Play Part 4 (22 pins up)

    Okay, this nights lane play is similar to last weeks. The conditions were similar also, except outside of 10 was a bit slicker.

    lane play 4

    Red lines are the other team.
    Blue lines are my team.
    Black lines are me.

    Using last weeks strategy of watching the lines everyone used during warmup and noting the hang time I was seeing with my ball reaction on tonight's shot.

    There were only 3 people on the other team tonight and they were playing fairly different lines. My team all played about their normal lines.

    I decided to move right a little bit and start play a little more outside of everybody at the breakpoint area. I also took a little tilt off the ball (Not that I have a lot to begin with).

    I was putting the ball through the sweet spot pretty good, so was lining up on the pocket good.

    Sweet Spot is my term for the 5-9 boards at 41.5', See Ron Cliftons article:"Breakpoints and Drawing Lines on the Lane" for more info on that spot.

    I was using the DV8 Dude again (I could have used the Beatdown I believe and not moved out) with it very predictable motion, I was getting fairly good carry and felt it would improve as the night went on. Because of how the others would be breaking down the the shot left of my line, I thought it was give me a similar look when I moved in.

    This worked out well for the most part, with the exception of a couple of bad shots on my part it was all strikes and 9 spare.

    week 28

    Toward the end of the 2nd game my ball was starting to move harder, so I moved in (the dashed line) that I hoped would be set up for me. Basically a parallel move with my line.

    The first 3 frames of the 3rd game I let my speed vary a lot, games 1&2 my speed was very consistent 14-14.18 at the pins (So 17 at the release). I steadied up after that.

    Well I've been averaging 198 for the last 4 weeks doing this, the previous 4 weeks before that I was averaging 176. So a 22 pin increase isn't bad.