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A Nights Lane Play Part 5 (AAARRRGGHH)

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  • A Nights Lane Play Part 5 (AAARRRGGHH)

    This was a night I was waiting for, we bowled against some more consistent, higher average bowlers. So I could see just how they broke down the lanes and how it affected me.

    The other teams averages consisted of a 173m, 205f, 209m and 228m. (the team did also have a 234m ave. bowler but he wasn't there so the 205 was subbing for him.). They played their respective line consistently, with speed and higher rev's.

    The nights shot was our basic THS, it seemed a little oilier again. It was a good shot, I should have done better.

    While the other teams series were high, their scores fell off as the night wore on. They started off with a 902 followed by a 831 then a 762 (That's a 140 pin drop from the 1st game).

    My teams score stayed pretty much consistent, should have won at least 4 points. But We lost the 1st game by 112 pins, then by 14, then by 2. I cost us at least 4 points there.

    Blue lines my team
    Red lines the other team
    Black line "Me"

    As you can see from the diagram, everyone was playing the same area down lane. The highlighted area is what would turn into my problem area. To cut to the chase, the corner of the pattern in the highlighted area got destroyed.

    As you can see from my score chart, the first two games. While not high scoring as the other team were mostly strikes and single pin leaves.

    I had the speed, but just couldn't generate the carry the others did. The third game it was getting so burned up and I couldn't generate the speed needed (I didn't really have a ball to switch too), to over come it even though I moved in.

    On the other team, the ones the breakdown affected the most were the 465 and the 655 series lines (173m ave and the 205f Ave.)

    The 173 ave started off at a 277 pace, he opened in the 8-9-10 frames for a 202. While the 205 shot 235. they were the reasons I played that line, they were scoring well there and I felt I could play that line okay also. Their rev's made the difference, where I had to have solid hits for strikes. They had more pin action on off hits.

    The 173 ave fell way off the last game with a 119 game. The 205 ave dropped to a 194 game. The 3 of us had the same problem, we couldn't control the backend.

    I got remember to bring a ball to switch too for when that corner gets tore up.