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A Nights Lane Play Part 6

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  • A Nights Lane Play Part 6

    This night the lanes were a bit slicker, I actually had oil come back on my ball for a change. (Not a lot, but more than usual.).

    Lane Play Night 6

    As you can see from the chart, most of the lane play was around the track area which is typically on most ordinary leagues.

    The assumption would be that this area would break down pretty fast. But in this case the players were spraying the area more than playing consistent lines.

    I had came prepared for the lanes breaking down faster. I had surfaced and polished my DV8 Dude and Hammer Bad A$$, Also I added my Rotogrip Dagger, which I had used before on this league.

    The plan was to start with the Dude, then as the lanes changed just switch to the Dagger or move inside with the B.A.

    Game one I started with the Dude, which looked okay in warm up. But as the game progressed. I saw the lanes playing tighter than I first thought, I didn't really have any room to the outside and the ball would hang too long.

    So I changed to the B.A. (I wasn't sure of this change, Because it's been too dry to really use it. So haven't had much practice with it.) in the 9th frame.

    This was the ball I should have started with, both the Dude & B.A. had the same surface on them. I saw the B.A rolling the way should (Like in the video reviews)

    The B.A.'s low RG core had it reving up good with a better move on the backend. Which as you can see had me striking into the 2nd game (frames 5&7 I hit my leg with the ball).

    Week 30

    From frame10 to 5 of game 3 is when I started seeing the breakdown. I moved in but it was changing fast, I should have changed back to the Dude somewhere in there.

    But stuck with the B.A. which started turning harder and harder, I tried the Dude in the 10th and yes it would have been the better choice in the 3rd game.