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Post your 2015-2016 League season scores here!

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  • Post your 2015-2016 League season scores here!

    Well the new season is about to start. So lets posts some great score this season!

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    Cool. Was wondering if you would start a new threat for the season. My league starts Tuesday. Good luck and good bowling!


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      Originally posted by DuffyJ1111 View Post
      Cool. Was wondering if you would start a new threat for the season. My league starts Tuesday. Good luck and good bowling!
      Good luck to you too!
      Our meeting is this coming Tuesday, with the start the following week.


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        Week 1 8/25/15 164/171/211 546 Series 12/14/7/4 Line

        Week 2 9/1/15 194/191/177 562 Series 13/12/8/3 Line

        Pretty brutal first two weeks. I took the Summer off so not feeling confident really at all through 6 games. 184.67 Average thru 2 weeks (6 games)


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          Well last night was the start of the winter league after laying off the summer, A lackluster beginning but it's a start.

          First thing I did was go to the ProShop and ordered some new shoes, I decided on the Brunswick TPU-X's. Cost $170 out the door, should have by tomorrow.

          I'd like to have stayed with Dexter, But since the 9's are new and just rolling out, we don't really know if there are any issues in them, Plus they only come with one sole and they cost more and I didn't want a older model SST.

          The TPU-X's have been updated to a newer version which fixes the issues with the first gen. ones, also they come with extra soles and are cheaper which saved me enough money that can pay for two nights of bowling.

          Well we had a full team(4) lined up for last night, but the 4th man didn't show. After some calls we found out he wasn't going to bowl after all, seems his wife quit the league she was on.

          So "he" decided he won't bowl. I wouldn't have minded if he had just let us know, I had another guy there I could have got, but now he's on another team. Oh well someone will come along.

          Started off the season with a somewhat lacking 152-174-195 for a 521, they had some oil out for the start. That will get changed though about thanksgiving time. We have no idea who won, using the new hdcp system now and we didn't know all the averages yet.

          The need for new shoes are very evident now, the traction sole on my current ones should be called a slip&slid sole. Hard to get a good push off when there's no grip.

          I started off using the Bad A$$ but had to switch when I pulled the finger grips out of it and my glue was dried up. So finished off with my old Storm Pyro.

          I left seven 10 pins for the night and picked up all but one.


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            Week 2

            Well a welcome surprize, our fourth bowler appeared! He decided he could bowl after all. He bought a $30k truck last year and just bought a $25k motorcycle and had to see if he could afford bowling this year.

            But the downer was my new shoes hadn't arrive distributer was out and hadn't informed us, but they are supposed to be here friday.

            I'll be glad when they arrive, It's hard to concentrate on shot making when your thinking about your footing. Plus my feet were getting a little sore by the end of the night with my current shoes. The support in them is getting a bit weak.

            It's a slow start this year for scoring, I had 147-174-181 for a 502 series this time.

            Last week I started with the Bad A$$, this week I started with the DV8 Dude. I wanted to see how they each with would react with the current shot through the night.

            The Dude reacted very smoothly as usual, but was lacking in surface to handle the fresh oil. As the night wore on it started working better.

            I only left three 10 pins, but only picked up one.

            Two weeks in using the "Team Difference" handicap system, We won 1 game last week and only 1 game this week.

            Comparing this system to the old handicap system, It was as I figured. There's basically no difference. We won and lost the same number of games. The place where there is a difference is in the margin of pins you win or lose by.

            In the "Team Difference" system the games are slightly closer, this system is likely to affect those games that would have been very close or ties in the old system and could swing them the other way.


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              Week 3:

              179/236/235 650 Series. 22/5/6/3 Line. Went out with a whimper game 2:

              XXXXXX 9/ 9/ X 63.
              Game 3 finished with XXXXX in a row. Finally a decent night after the first 2 weeks of sub par bowling for me.
              195.33 Average thru 3 weeks (9 games)
              Beat the high series for the season (649) by 1 pin. Hah.
              Also, finally got my check for placing 48th in State Tournament.


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                Week 3

                181-172-180 for a 533 series

                Well not much better than last week, but maybe a little more consistent. Not many strikes mostly just shooting spares, so it didn't add up to much.

                I had my new shoes and was wearing them, I was nervous about wearing them during league. I had wore them at home to get them to loosen up some and conform to my feet some.

                Before league I got on the lanes and just did slides over and over trying to get the feel of them and broke in some.

                I've done it before, but It was a experience none the less. Seeing just how much I had lost with on my old shoes compared to the new ones.

                The grip of the new traction shoe was really strong with the H-2 shark tooth heel and TP3 rubber push off sole.

                The slide of the SP-8 white microfiber slide sole wasn't bad, I think this white microfiber sole feels just slightly more grippy than the old Dexter Tan colored S8 sole, a few more games on it and I think it will be alright though.

                The H-5 graduated rubber heel is the one that needs some more breaking in, it's similar to the Dexter Tri-Dex heel. Being new it's kind of grabby, If you shift weight back on your heel you can really feel it start braking you. You need to keep your weight shifted forward on the ball of your foot, which is more where you want it.

                I tried the H-7 leather heel once , the lane would need to be a bit more tacky for me to use it, it felt good during the approach. But when you wanted to stop and your weight shifted to your heel, you kept going.

                A few more games and they should be okay, the TPU-X's do feel good on your feet.


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                  week 4

                  Another mediocre week 187-148-201 for a 536 series. Let five 10 pins, 1 the 1st gm, 3 the 2nd & 1 the 3rd gm. and picked up 2.

                  That 2nd game the shot really changed fast, Likely because of all the plastic balls being used. several splits and that game went away. Started with the Bad A$$ (I had changed surface on it before start, which I think gave it better control at the start), 3switched to the Dude right at the end of the 2nd game.

                  We played the first place team and we only took one point because we tied the first game. We bowled about average and were missing one person. They bowled just a little over average.

                  The first place team consists of a 80 ave. using a Hello Kitty ball, a 111 ave. using a house ball, a 200 average using a plastic T-zone and the 188 ave. using a Track 300c. and we spotted them 69 pins.

                  The new shoes are breaking in okay, the heel is starting to not be so grabby. I may have to change soles to see if I can get a little more slide the white microfiber okay, but I feel I'm coming up a little short on my slide. Could be the heel is slowing me down to quick though.


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                    Falling behind here's an update of the past few weeks:

                    Week 4- 190/183/189 562 Series
                    Week 5- 180/235/166 581 Series
                    Week 6- 174/227/200 601 Series
                    Week 7- 214/213/196 623 Series

                    Last year was a career year finishing with a ridiculous 212 average, I'm screwed if I want to bowl state tournament next year. Coming back to earth this season 196.43 Average thru 7 weeks (21 games)



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                      LiteFrozen- 10 pins are always the key. I'd say it's the equivelent to par saves in Golf.


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                        Week 5's disaster was a 169-145-133 for a 447 series, but we at least took 5 out of 7 point's.

                        Was really pulling the ball a lot, speed was down. About 80% of this is operator error, the other 20% is because of the slow break in of the white microfiber slide sole of my new shoes. The white MF sole that comes with the shoes doesn't slide as much as the old standard tan leather sole. (I've seen that complaint from others about the white microfiber soles, that started back when Dexter did away with the old Tan soles.)

                        I found I was coming up about 2+ feet short of where I normally stop at the foul line. At first I thought this was because of the graduated rubber heel, But it was the white sole causing me to stop too early.

                        Week 6 Not much improvement, but some hope.

                        148-227-160 for a 535

                        The main thing this week was I got my slide working better, which caused my speed to increase about 2 mph over last week. I was hitting pins at 15 mph. The low games are mainly missed spares.

                        For the shoes I made some slight mods.

                        As you can see on the heel, the rubber has these tiny rubber nubs. I took my palm sander and removed most of them in the yellow boxed area. They were already beginning to wear off anyway and that area is were most of the braking happens. (That was a trick on older shoes if you needed more slide, you rounded that leading edge off some.)

                        As for the white microfiber sole, I had the option to try the Grey felt which slides alot or just stick on the Tan leather sole from my Dexters (which would fit). But I gave one thing a try first.

                        I pulled the W.M.F. sole off while still at home and poured some talc on it and rubbed the heck out of it. (Don't worry I knocked it all off before I went to the lanes, so nothing got on them I checked before we started bowling).

                        Something I noticed about the W.M.F. sole, I think that microfiber might pick up a some moisture in it. Because that's how it felt sliding, like when the approaches have a lot of humidity on them. Also when I was rubbing the talc on it, the powder started feeling odd like it was picking up moisture out of the sole.

                        My slide was a bunch better after that, I didn't have to touch that sole all night. I think if it stays that way it should smooth out good now.

                        Other than the sole, The TPU-X's fitting great! The traction sole worked great!


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                          week 7

                          A better night this week, 211-193-206 for a 610 series and broke even in the brackets. Left 4 ten pins and picked up 3 and we took all the points.

                          I think I got the surface on the Bad A$$ dialed in now for the THS here. Went with a Gray Scotchbrite (600 Grit paper will work too), sanding down from my PAP followed by a light touch of 1500 grit paper. This got it through the heads good with a bit more aggressive move on the backend.

                          We only had 5 bowlers tonight 3 on the other team didn't show up, so the shot held up and the BA worked good for all three games.

                          Shoes are doing good, slide is improving. I moved up on the approach too, since I had been coming up short on my slide. My speed was back up some too.


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                            It's been a sub-par season thus far. I woke up tonight though:

                            210/257/226 693 Series 21/11/2/0 Line. 200.75 Average thru 24 games (7 weeks)

                            Another interesting stat- That's 6 consecutive games without leaving a legitamite split. (I did leave a 4-7 split tonight but converted it)

                            Could have shot my 7 if I would have struck out in the third game but ball came off the hand too slow. Still 3rd game was an all mark game. Our team took 2 of 3 games and total pins. My teammate had the front 9 and then left a 10 pin in the 10th and couldn't convert. Finished with a 267.

                            44-12 on the season and clinging to first place by a single game thru 7 weeks.


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                              266/239/247 752 Series 24/8/1/1 Line (with the 4-6-7-9-10 split converted in the 10th game 2)
                              End of the first third as position round was tonight and we were the #1 seed facing #2 for a playoff spot. Our records were identical at 49-14 as well as our team handicap identical at 116. So we were bowling scratch tonight. Never seen that before. Then we went off. As a team we needed to win 2 of 3. We won them all. 927-834 992-967 and 1005-925. Teammates shot 686 and 565 series' as well. We clinched a playoff spot for March. But alas 752 any other season probably would have been good for high series but this year a few weeks ago someone shot the highest series I've ever seen live. 798.
                              206.70 Average thru 10 weeks (30 games)

                              For the stat factor here are my career 700+ series' that I have documented. However my first ever 700 was 700 even and it was before 2005:
                              Career 700 Series'
                              9/6/05 753 Series
                              12/14/10 729 Series
                              1/3/12 707 Series
                              1/10/12 705 Series
                              2/14/12 717 Series
                              9/18/12 729 Series
                              11/13/12 730 Series
                              3/26/13 710 Series
                              10/21/14 710 Series
                              12/9/14 706 Series
                              2/3/15 790 Series
                              3/17/15 749 Series
                              10/27/15 752 Series