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    week 8 Well slid back down again 158-201-143 series 502, We won all our points though. Carry just wasn't there for me, a lot of spare shooting. I was able to up my speed some for the second game which helped, but 3rd game even that didn't help.

    week 9 Well this was our first position night, But wasn't bowling much better 161-222-162 for a 545 series. We won most of the points. At least I wasn't alone all of us on our pair were having a problem, both lanes were really playing different than is typical.

    The left lane wasn't bad and I had most of my strikes on it, the right lane though the backends were flying. I had to move about 6 boards left and play deep on it. I made a slight change in release toward the end of the 1st game and started striking. The shot held till about the end of the second game and the line was done for.

    Everyones games were similar the first game, everyone struggled. The 2nd game scores all went up and the 3rd fell off. And everyone struggled in similar ways caused by the differences in the lanes. The odd thing was watching the lanes on either side of us, they didn't have this problem. I got there a little later than usual so didn't see the lanes being oiled.


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      week 10
      Well slump continues
      Scores 162-157-192 for a 511 series, Left 5 ten pins and picked up 3.


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        week 11

        Scores 202-152-184 for a 538 series, Left 4 ten pins and picked up 2.

        Nothing really to shout about this week, The first game had high hopes. Lots of strikes at the beginning then it dwindles to just spare shooting.

        Second game hardly any strikes, made most spare just didn't add up to anything. Third game strikes and spare just didn't add up here either.

        Bright spot was I won brackets with those scores.

        We had 2 300 games shot, down at the other end of the house.

        Main change this night was I removed the white microfiber slide sole from my TPU-X's and replaced it with my old Dexter buckskin slide sole. Much better slide! I have the white microfiber slide sole broke in as much as I think it is going to get.

        The White microfiber slide soles the shoe companies replaced the yellow/tan buckskin soles with, Just do not slide as like the old buckskin ones did. They'd be okay for a slicker approach, But not for our approaches.

        I'm going to order a new yellow/tan buckskin one from, so I can put the old one back on my SST7's.

        The real bright spot is my team has been climbing the ladder, we're now in 5th place and only5 points out of 1st.

        The next couple of week we play teams ahead of us, so if we can keep winning we might hit 1st place. Still got a ways to the end of the half, but we got a chance.


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          Too catch up:

          Week 15: 185-146-160 for a 491 series
          Week 16: 188-169-201 for a 558 series
          Week 17: 144-157-159 for a 460 series

          Week 18:End of 1st half:
          190-170-193 for a 553 series

          Well this was a miserable first half, average is 9 pins below my entering average (Which was down from what it should be).

          Looking at how the scores breakdown by lanes, Scoring is still higher toward the middle of the house slightly. With the low and high ends being lower (Typically because that's were theres more open bowling and they either start or finish oiling.)

          Next half will have to try and learn from past mistakes and step up the pace. Really got to work on my focus, been distracted too much. But the cause appears to be clearing up, so here's hoping.

          The team is not doing too bad this year, for the first half we took 50% of the points and finished in 17th place. Which was only 7 points out 7th place.


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            Well got a little bit going tonight, Shot 180-262-214 for a 656 series.

            Changed the surface on the BA to P800/Royal Compound/Royal Shine, then kept it kind of tighter inside. I had hold to the left and some recovery on the outside. Had to keep the speed consistent, 3rd game started slowing down till I noticed the mph on the monitor.

            I was doing the cleaning after every frame again, only left 2 ten pins.


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              Week 24 Well had a good night shot 235-192-298 for a 725 series. For a 197 pins over average, I think that will get me league season highs. Didn't know how the night would go, we were on the last pair of lanes 31-32 and thats where they started oiling also. I was also trying out my new leather ( branded) shammy pad. Which did a great job wiping oil off the ball. First game was pretty good only left three 10pins, picked up one and missed one (third was on the last ball) Second game had four 10 pins, picked up one in the tenth frame. Not all 10's were left on pocket hits, several were on brooklyns. The lanes were hooking, the heads were kind of dry. But we did have some midlane oil. Third game I had moved in about 2 boards and started crushing the pocket. Had the front 11 and the on the last ball I gripped up on it with my thumb alittle. I knew it just as I was releasing it, but couldn't stop. Tugged it in about a board and a half and the ball started going brooklyn but not quite and it left the 6&10 pins. Not complaining though, I was keeping my arm straight and coming through the ball great, releasing toward the pins and could feel the ball rolling right off my hand. We are 6 weeks into the 2nd half now and I'm now averaging 19 pins higher than the 1st half average. 1st Half ending ave. was 174, current 2nd half ave. 193, overall ave 179.


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                5th annual USBC Men's City Tournament results:
                Doubles Event :
                238/237/199 674 Series
                Kept it clean for 26 frames until game 3. Teammate shot 643 giving us a 1317 Doubles Series. I don't think that's going to place but you never know.
                Singles Event :
                225/288/202 715 Series
                Game 2- 7/ XXXXXXXXXX8
                Someone shot 289 earlier in the day but I believe 288 is 2nd best overall at this time. I still expect someone to shoot 290+ the rest of today or tomorrow.
                715 could be up there, again we'll have to wait and see.
                For some reason I bowl better during this tournament (my 3rd year I think) 288 is like 40 pins better than my high league game this season.


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                  Litefrozen your 298 is identical to the one I shot last year and my PR. Came in high and left the 6-10 as well on ball 12. Wes Mallot left the same 6-10 during the Masters tournament last weekend when he needed a strike to win.


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                    Well didn't follow that week up to great.

                    week 25-
                    186-167-171 for a 524 series

                    week 26-
                    212-163-151 for a 526 series.

                    The trouble down at this end of the house, the balls are not finishing strong. I think this is because there's a small league just before us and when they re-oil it's not stripping the lanes good (if at all).


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                      244/167/216 627 Series 200.12 Average thru 28 weeks (84 games)
                      A bite claw and scratch your way to a 600 series and just enough to get back over 200 average.
                      2 weeks until playoffs. On a side note, my teammate threw the worst series I've ever seen him throw. 445 series. He had 4 strikes the entire night. Crazy considering he threw a 770 series just 3 weeks ago. Also Nobody threw higher than 289 during city tournament. So 288 was 2nd best. I cashed in both singles and doubles taking home a combined $47 bucks. Word.