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Post your 2017-2018 season League/Tournament scores here!

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  • Post your 2017-2018 season League/Tournament scores here!

    Well the new season is here, So let's post some new scores.

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    3 Months and 20 days later the True Nirvana sees games 4-6 out of the box. Winter league begins Tuesday night as Team Valley Lock and Safe tries to rebound from an abysmal last place finish last season.
    223/214/200 637 Series with a 19/10/4/1 line. Definitely rusty on the spare conversions from the left side. 2 for 2 on 10 pins though.
    Andy Hays also with the late 254 game to beat me in series. The best he's thrown in a couple years.
    (Games 1-3 Recap 190/189/246 625 Series on 4/30/17)
    True Nirvana Average- 210.33


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      8/22/17 Week 1 Lanes 17 and 18
      239/244/204 687 Series with a 23/8/3/0 line.

      Still rusty on the spares but the True Nirvana is working out really well. I just need to be more consistent on my release points and ball speed.

      229.0 Average thru 1 week (3 games)


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        8/29/17 Week 2 Lanes 21 and 22

        186/210/206 602 Series with a 16/13/3/3 line.

        Couldn't consistently get anything going from the left lane to the right lane. 0 for 2 on ten pins missing one inside and the other in the gutter. I realized 2/3 of the way through game 3 that I was throwing the ball too hard the majority of the night. Finished with XXXXX in a row to salvage a 600 series.
        214.83 Average through 6 games (2 weeks)


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          Week 01

          Well the winter season has started and the Kings and Queens league is pretty much the same as last year.

          The big changes are handicap which was changed to 90% of 260! Which was perplexing to many. Plus they changed the lane oil to Kegel Fire oil, which has a higher viscosity than the old oil (Fire: Viscosity: 45.1 cps, Surface Tension: 23.6 dynes/cm) and should hold up better through the night.

          Noticed a slight problem, they had the entering averages wrong. Which they have to check, so wins & loss's tonight are up in the air. I think I know what they did, we have a split season and I think they took the averages from the half not the whole season.

          Well there was also a 300 shot tonight, It was by one of the players that I wouldn't be surprised would shoot one.

          Well not a bad start for the season, I shot a 176-177-201 for a 554 which was 44 pins over last season average.

          Strikes 27.27%
          Spares 73.91%
          Opens (5) 16.67%

          Used the Pyramid Blunt Force for all three games, Had the surface a 1000 US grit (approx. P2000 abralon) the OOB is 2000abralon/Polish. Worked pretty good, The new oil seemed to hold up well actually seen some oil come back on my ball for a change.

          Besides my usual post of the "Best Bowling Free" tracking file, I've include a sample of the file produced by the new android App "Bowl!Drill!Score!Stat!" which I'm testing out.



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            Okay Week 02 wasn't too bad.

            The new Fire oil seems pretty good, the shot is holding up well for three games. Third game I still was getting oil back on the ball even, The line didn't change much as the night went on. Once I found the line, I was using the Blunt Force @1000. I moved in slowly as the night went on but not much, Third game actually moved back right slightly.

            Missed spares were just my fault, first couple was because I didn't use my straight ball. The rest just bad shot making.

            I think bowling on the sport league did help, the things I worked on in it. Projecting the ball, posting the shot etc. have helped my average is 22 pins over my entering average.

            The Pyramid Blunt Force is really starting to work better now, I'm getting the feel of it more now.

            Beside my regular tracking sheet, I've included a sample of one of the stat views from the new app. The new app is pretty good, But I kind of the like the game view from the old app a bit better. Just because it's a little slicker looking with the filled in strikes and spares.

            We did good tonight, we took all the points and I should have a 4th bowler next week (Barring the coming storm interrupting us)



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              Week 3 9/5/17- 177/171/224 572 Series
              Week 4 9/12/17- 193/170/212 575 Series

              And then there was tonight. HOLY SHIT>
              236/246/279 761 Series. 27/7/0/0 Line (4 for 4 on 10 pins)
              Well holy shit. I forgot to write down the stats but I was locked in all night. Thankfully I've got a good memory of the night and found a site that will calculate the games. Decided to wear the contact lenses tonight instead of the glasses. Game 3 was the cleanest in recent memory. Perfection was missed on one of the best balls of the night in the 7th frame of game 3. A ringing 10 pin. I don't think I could have thrown a better ball. I can only remember two other instances where I threw 12 clean pocket shots and wound up with the same ringing 10 pin. Checking the stats since 2005 this is my 2nd highest series ever only trailing the 790 I shot on 02/03/2015. The rest of our team bowled really well also. We swept all games and took all 7 points. Valley Lock and Safe sits at 21-14 for the year.
              The Brunswick True Nirvana, love this ball, that extra $20 I paid gives me additional pin carry and I can't overthrow it. When it was all said and done I realized I forgot to put on thumb tape tonight yet my thumb is fine. Perhaps I'm finally learning the proper release without squeezing. Also wore contact lenses for the first time in forever. I've taken note of both and will do the same next week.
              761 Obliterates the high series and 279 ties for high game.
              213.13 Average thru 15 games. (5 weeks)

              Click image for larger version

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                week 3

                Well hurricane Irma didn't stop league bowling. While I've been without power for a few days now, the lanes had plenty.

                We had a respectable turn out for league, Maybe about 2/3rds of the league showed up. I only brought 2 balls the Blunt and the spare ball, just in case there was a blackout.

                There was only four on our pair tonight,2 on my team and 2 on the other. The shot was pretty good I like the new oil so far, it's holding up well.

                Didn't do too bad, biggest problem was thumb & finger holes were tight at the start. Second game kind of fell apart, but came back in the third.

                We took all the point so that was good, I should have a new team mate next week and my other one back hopefully.



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                  week 4

                  Okay not a bad night, But it was a long one. We were the last ones done, We started at 6:30 and finished at a quarter to 10 everyone except the sec. was gone. I can't really put my finger on the cause, other than lots a of spares and the players taking a long time on making a shot. I got to watch and see if that other team takes that long usually.

                  I now have a full team! Got a 4th player who bowled on the league before a couple years ago and my other player is back from the evacuation. The new guy established average at a 167, His last years average didn't have enough games in to use it he had just subbed.

                  Well was using the Pyramid Blunt Force again and shot 192-183-191-566. After only 4 weeks my average is up 16 pins over last years dismal finish. So the sports league must of actually helped, I feel better about my shot making.

                  Strikes 48%
                  Spares 46%
                  Single Pin Spares 71%

                  We lost the first game by 4 pins and won the rest. Took 5 points we were in 2nd place (This might change do to some teams post bowling because of the hurricane), the worst we could do is tie for 4th now. So this is a good start compared to last season, at that time we were in 31st.



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                    234/217/224 675 Series with a 23/6/3/0 line. Game 1 was eerily similar to Game 3 last week. With a 10 pin left in the 7th frame on a pretty good pocket hit. 3 open frames all missed 10 pins. This killed my shot at a 700.
                    Andy Hays threw a significant PR series tonight with a 225/267/200 692 Series and a 21/9/2/2 line. He now sits in 1st place for Handicap game with a 296 We took 2 of 3 games and totals. Valley Lock and Safe sits at 26-16 on the season.
                    215.11 Average thru 6 weeks (18 games)

                    I must also add that the Bowling Alley abysmally issued our lanes to a bunch of teenage jobbers literally seconds after the last ball was thrown. We not only didn't have time to write down any stats on the scorecard but didn't have time to begin to collect our belongings before 8 novice bowlers invaded the lanes. I lost it. And I only lose it maybe once every couple of seasons. "What the FUCK am I paying $20 a week for!?" It got super awkward. Hopefully they fix their shit next week because a 10 minute window isn't that much to ask. I don't think I would have been as pissed off if I didn't see an array of open lanes in the rest of the bowling alley.


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                      Good consistent night, with the Blunt Force! even shot a dutch 200, won a cookie for that. We took 4 out of 7 points which was okay. Plus I had my new glasses and could read the scoreboard better and really see the boards on the lane

                      I can pretty much tell you exactly what happened on each leave, I was really posting and watching each shot tonight.

                      The back row was because my speed was slightly fast, the 4pins speed was slightly slow, 4-7 pulled the ball one board left, the split and 2 washouts dropped the ball and pulled it. All the strikes were right in the hole, except for I think two which were Brooklyn because I tugged it.

                      Strikes 48%
                      Spares 81%
                      Opens 10%
                      Single pin spares 90%



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                        Dang great Dutch 200 LiteFrozen! My teammate bowled one late last season which was the first one I've ever seen. Super hard to do and I see you almost rolled a Triplicate! Way to go! Too many exclamation points here I know. Cheers!


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                          211/266/211 688 Series with a 24/6/4/4 line.
                          A nice bounce back as I was 2 for 2 on 10 pins tonight. I had not left a split in 2 weeks and leave 4 of them tonight. Game 2 had the front six for the 3rd week in a row just to blow it in the 7th frame again. (7th frame becoming my kryptonite mentally. In the past it's been the 2nd or 9th frame)
                          I definitely bowled better last week but had a higher series this week thanks to Game 2. I got tired by game 3 as we were done a good 45 minutes early tonight as the other team bowled in advance. Our opponents went off with every team handicap game over 900 . We only took game 2 and that took a 266 and a 246 to win by just a few pins.
                          Valley Lock and Safe sits at 28-21 as we head into the back end of the first third of the season.
                          217.14 Average thru 21 Games (7 Weeks)


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                            Well we seemed to have a lot friction on this pair tonight. I had just freshened the surface on the Blunt Force and it was reading a little early, increasing speed helped a little. I tried moving in to the oil some, but it still felt too early.

                            But the second frame of the second game I switched to the Pyramid Curse and moved back right some, This gave me a better look.

                            But by the second frame of game three, I could see the shot for me was breaking down more.

                            Last game was the only one we won, first game we lost by 100 pins, 2nd lost by 106 (the other team was shooting way over) and game 3 we won by 106. Mainly Because My girlfriend shot 45 POA and my new guy got the front 7 for 232 game that was 67 POA.

                            click for Stats:



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                              250/255/238 743 Series with a 26/9/0/0 line. 3 for 3 on 10 pins. 3rd ever "Paper 300" thrown with the back 7 game 1 and the front 5 game 2.
                              Well I remain locked in for another week. 2nd Clean night of the season. This Brunswick True Nirvana bowling ball is incredible. Best purchase of the year FOR REAL. Left a washout early in game 1 but was able to convert the 1-2-4-6-10. That jump started an array of strikes the rest of the night. There came a point where I was actually more fired up for the 3 for 3 10 pin conversions which was CLUTCH. As I was tiring going into game 3 Andy Hays gave me some Crystal Pepsi which rejuvenated my game and I finished game 3 striking out.
                              Unfortunately we were only able to take 1 game on the night as our opponents once again bowled 900+ Handicap games 1 and 2.
                              Valley Lock and Safe sits at 30-26 for the season.

                              An absolutely ridiculous 220.96 average thru 24 games (8 Weeks) I also now officially don't have a handicap. What a bust.