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Post your 2018-2019 season League/Tournament scores here!

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  • Post your 2018-2019 season League/Tournament scores here!

    Alright the new season will be starting soon, Can't wait to see those scores!!

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    Week 1 8.21.18

    229/269/225 723 Series with a 24/10/0/1 Line

    Well Jason Christ. The Brunswick True Nirvana stays true even after 110 day layoff. Clean night with no open frames. Converted the 2-7-8 Split and was 5 for 5 on 10 pins. Game 2 was also a no tap 300 9/ X 9/ XXXXXXXX9. My average is screwed and I have no handicap. I'm exhausted.
    241 Average thru 3 games (1 week)


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      Week 2 8.28.18
      190/223/194 607 Series with a 17/10/4/1 Line. 4 for 5 on 10 pins
      Reality check kicked in tonight and the struggle at times was real. Began the night standing 14 board for some reason instead of the 11 that I ended last week at. My release was inconsistent with my ball going Brooklyn or coming in extremely light a handful of times. Also pocket 10 pins decided to surface. Finished game 2 strong but 2 of us going into the night had a zero handicap thanks to ridiculous averages which didn't help us at all. I opened in the 10th frame of game 1 leaving a 4-9 split and we lost by 28 pins. Game 2 we lost by 9 pins. This was deflating and then we got ran over game 3. Valley Lock and Safe falls back into the middle of the pack after Week to with a 7-7 record.

      221.67 Average thru 2 weeks (6 games)

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        Sunday Practice-
        225/253/244 722 Series with a 22/8/2/0 Line. 2 for 3 on 10 pins
        25th 700 Series today on Lane 35. Haven't bowled on the back end lanes in a few years but I stated I wanted to be away from people and we were for the 1st 2 games. Then a massive family showed up and decided to stand on the approaches and video record every kid's shot. (This is why open play frustrates me many times, no bowling etiquette) Distractions aside, I still threw 14 of 15 X's at one point as I ended Game 2 with XXXXXXXX in a row and began game 3 with 8/ XXXXXX. It ended in a whimper though as I went 9/ 9/7 to finish and the final ball was the worst one as I completely missed the head pin leaving the 1-3-6.
        Kajrun Combs also was a pin away from his first ever Turkey with a XX9 game 2. Getting that 4 step approach down! Time to get some shoes so you're not paying $8 in shoe rental.
        Damn, if only I could be this consistent on Tuesday nights but the fact that only 2 bowlers were moving the oil around instead of 8, it makes sense that it's easier to hold a consistent line longer. The ball return also ate my ball at one point in the middle of game 2 and had to take the ball return apart and muscle it through. Thankfully no damage to the surface.


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          9/11/18 Week 4
          198/157/202 557 Series with a 15/8/8/5 line. 2 for 2 on 10 pins.

          Well I picked a good time to throw my worst league series since 11/21/17. I threw good in practice and started off the night good with XX. Something happened at some point where my ball stopped moving to the pocket. Coming in light or not coming in at all and leaving washouts and splits a good majority of the night. I finally resorted to doorknob (how I refer to my ridiculous release) game 3 and had XXXX in a row mid game. Still finished 9/ 9/9. Which pretty much sums up the night. However, Ted went off and shot a 246/268/244 758 Series putting him atop the leader board passing my 723 series week 1. We won them all as Gus also shot 204/202/151 557 (I tied Gus Andy Hays) Getting that average back down there where we can have at least a few more pins of handicap.
          Our team is 16-12 thru 4 Weeks and I'm sitting with a 208.5 Average thru 12 games.


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            211/225/205 641 Series with an 18/10/3/1 line.

            Tonight's Theme: 10th frame failures and the night of the 7 pin.

            We lost game 1 when I decided to throw my worst 10th frame in recent memory finishing 7/7 and we lost by 4 pins. With 19 consecutive marks I entered the 10th frame of game 2 and left a flat 10 pin which I failed to convert finishing 9-. At least I won the card game when I pulled Four of a Kind 4444Q. $17 pot. Game 3 started off ok, I tried to loft a little and throw flat like I did last Saturday but that wasn't working either so I settled on lofting and throwing in between flat and my normal shot. Middle of game 3 I fell apart however as in the 6th and 7th frames I missed a 4 pin and a 7 pin. My thumb started to stick and I couldn't keep it dry. Don't remember having that problem in recent memory. I almost considered thumb tape but with just 3 frames to go it would have been pointless.

            Ted woke up with a 249 and we were able to salvage Game 3 and take total pins so 3-4 on the night and 19-16 thru 5 weeks. We sit right in the middle of the pack so probably not winning this first third of the season.

            209.53 Average thru 5 Weeks (15 Games)


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              I guess I'm in here by myself. Either way
              I streamed my bowling league but apparently it now disappeared and I can't find it anywhere. Did anyone see it pop up on here? Anyways
              212/267/212 691 Series with a 23/7/4/2 Line. 1 for 1 on 10 pins.
              Game 2- XXX 7/ XXX 7/ X XXX
              Most brutal way to snub a 700 as I threw my worst shot of the night on the final ball leaving a 4-7-10 split to open in the 10th frame. We won Game 1 but then fell off and lost the rest.
              23-26 Thru 7 Weeks
              213.95 Average thru 21 games


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                10.9.18 Week 8
                197/180/256 633 Series with a 16/14/3/0 Line. 3 for 4 on 10 pins. Also no splits on the night which was nice.
                The Debut of the Magnitude 035 Pearl was short lived. I threw it a few times in practice and then started game 2 with it and the 1st frame I missed the head pin left and the 2nd frame left a ringing 10 pin that I missed (5 pushups). That's ok though I will integrate the ball into the arsenal slowly once I get a feel for it.
                Of course the live feed cuts out right when I hit a groove game 3 and finished XXXXXX9. Everyone was struggling tonight early on and even into game 2. Ted and I both finally came around game 3 shooting a 246 and 256 respectively. We won game 1 and 3 and thanks to the wake up game 3 also took total pins.
                Valley Lock and Safe climbs back to .500 with a 28-28 record.
                213.58 Average thru 24 games (8 Weeks)


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                  10.16.18 Week 9

                  206/235/236 677 Series with a 19/12/1/0 line. 3 for 3 on 10 Pins.

                  First 2 games were strictly Mag 035 Pearl and I was getting more comfortable with this ball. The fingertips just need to be worn in so I just need to keep throwing it. The one open frame on the night was the most abysmal miss of the entire season and I turned my head disgusted immediately after release. (5 push ups complete) Game 3 I went back to the True Nirvana which is a bust because that's backwards of what my plan was when I bought the Mag 35. (I.E Start with the more aggressive ball until the oil is eaten up and the lane dries out and then go with the longer length ball to save my arm)
                  The rest of our team struggled tonight with approach and release issues. Gus did have a respectable 183/173 games 1 and 2 but fell off late. Lost Games 1 and 2 (2nd game brutally by 4 pins 897-893) Somehow salvaged game 3. 30-33 thru 9 weeks. Pretty much in the middle of the pack. Position Round next week ending the 1st third of the season.
                  214.93 Average thru 9 weeks (27 Games)


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                    216/258/209 683 Series with a 21/11/1/1 line. 6 for 6 on 10 pins.
                    The live feed held strong the entire night it looks like. I stuck to the True Nirvana all night and really only threw 3 bad balls all night the worst coming in the 9th frame of Game 1 for my only open of the night as I threw it too slow and left the 6-7-10 split. I began lofting a bit start of game 2. Otherwise a clean night and I was satisfied with the majority of my shots even though it was the night of the 10 pin leaving a season high seven 10 pins (One the final ball of game 2) Six of them flat but the most brutal one ringing 10 was 1st ball of 10th frame game 3 that cost me my shot at 700. Super frustrated at that one because it was a good ball off the hand.
                    We lost game 1 by 19 pins 794-813 but then woke up as a team and won games 2 and 3 and took totals going 5-2 on the night and ending the 1st third at 35-35 right in the middle of the pack at .500. Next week begins the 2nd third of the season and hopefully we can win it to clinch a playoff spot for March.
                    216.20 Average thru 10 Weeks (30 Games) (2017 Duffy- 221.40)


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                      194/229/208 631 Series with a 17/12/5/2 line. Thankfully 4 for 4 on 10 pins.

                      What a weird Halloween Eve of a night. Especially game 3. I began the night intending on throwing the Mag 035 Pearl at least a full game but then went XX 9/ 9- missing a 7 pin. I abandoned the game plan and threw the True Nirvana the remainder of the evening. I opened in the 10th frame of game 1 leaving an atrocious 2-10 split. Game 2 didn't start any better as I chopped a 3-6 for my 3rd open frame of the night only ELEVEN frames in. I hit a small stride going XXXX the next 4 frames but fell off the wagon again. I was all over the place all night in between trying to loft, not trying to loft, and struggling to hit my mark many times missing left (Andy Hays had these missing left troubles as well), hitting high Brooklyn cheating major splits somehow and leaving 8 counts such as 6-10's, 3-10's, 3-9's, and my least favorite spare of all time the 3-6-9-10. I don't know how I shot 229 I'll review the footage.

                      Game 3's 208 line was a complete Halloween Eve Bust:

                      8/ 9/ 9/ 8/ 8/ 9/ 63 X X XXX

                      I can confidently say that's the weirdest 208 game I've ever bowled. The 5 bagger finish to end the night helped our team win game 3 barely by 3 pins (When you play the blind team you have to come within 40 pins of your team average and with the XXXXX we landed at 37 pins.) So crazy but glad to come through as the anchor even though the 1st 3 were complete slop. At least the last 2 were flush.

                      We bowled the blind team (aka Team 10 that is only there because there has to be an even number of teams for our league to go head to head each week because there are only 9 real teams)

                      Valley Lock and Safe sits at 7-0 to begin the 2nd third of the season and 42-35 overall. 215.67 Average thru 11 weeks (33 Games)


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                        222/235/218 675 Series with a 20/9/3/0 line. 2 for 3 on 10 pins.

                        2nd week in row with 20 X's and 9 Spares. Weird.
                        Going into tonight I was extremely worried about my thumb and my release issues from yesterday's practice session. While last week I said I'd go back to thumb tape, struggling with about half a dozen pieces on Monday I decided to begin the night without it and as Pastor Arnold Murray would have said "Let the chips fall where they may".
                        I stuck to the True Nirvana tonight and didn't need thumb tape. The Mag 035 is snug and when my thumb may swell a bit it becomes crazy snug. (Even though I did finish last week with a 7 bagger with it)
                        Tonight a couple of things come to mind, one being a ton of slop strikes, I'd say of the 20 I threw only half were good pocket shots. Another being the high number of 10 pins left on lane 18. I was satisfied with the way I was able to finish off games 1 and 2 from the anchor position. While my best strike of the night was in the 1st frame of game 3, My favorite was 1st ball 10th frame of game 2 that sealed the 2nd game for us. (890-874 and 921-881) We won both despite having to spot our opponents 181 pins before each game began.
                        After a week off Andy Hays came back with a very solid 652 series that helped immensely because Ted struggled all night finishing with a 539 series. I had a shot at a 700 but needed to 6 bagger out and began tapping which was probably due because of the crazy carry I was getting from a handful of poor shots earlier on. Finishing 9/9.
                        We did lose game 3 and totals when our opponents woke up with a 234 and 166 game way over their averages.
                        Valley Lock and Safe goes 4-3 on the night, 14-6 for the 2nd third of the season and 50-41 overall.
                        216.44 Average thru 13 weeks (39 Games) (2017 Duffy- 214.74 pace) Stats!


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                          Just for fun

                          100+ pin swings from average last 16 seasons. The majority of these would be early in the season with low game counts having higher pin variances.

                          05/06 +151 9.6.05 -100 1.10.06
                          06/07 +102 12.19.06
                          07/08 +107 10.23.07 -114 9.25.07
                          08/09 None
                          09/10 +110 9.22.09 -121 11.17.09
                          10/11 +161 9.7.10 +126 12.14.10
                          11/12 +120 8.30.11 +131 10.25.11 +122 1.3.12 +114 1.10.12 +112 2.14.12
                          12/13 +134 9.18.12 +121 11.13.12 +103 3.26.13
                          13/14 +101 9.24.13 -127 3.18.14 -111 4.9.14
                          14/15 +165 2.3.15 +116 3.17.15 -102 12.16.14
                          15/16 +104 10.13.15 +147 10.27.15
                          16/17 +106 11.22.16 +121 2.14.17
                          17/18 +152 9.19.17 +141 1.2.18 +127 2.27.18 -118 11.21.17
                          18/19 -116 8.28.18


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                            11.27.18 Lanes 19 and 20

                            215/223/201 639 Series with a 19/9/4/2 line 3 for 4 on 10 pins

                            As average of a night as I can get if you compare it to my average going in I came in 3 pins under.

                            The night was highlighted by Gus throwing an ALL SPARE GAME. I don't think I'd seen that before. Also as a team we began game 3 with a no tap 300 thru the 1st 3 frames.

                            Game 1 was arguably the best all round performance by our team in a single game all season. I think we went 38 of 40 frames with a / or X. We won game 1 but then our opponents got hot with their 2nd bowler and anchor bowler throwing in the 220 and 240 range which we couldn't catch.
                            The lanes were as oily as I can remember to start a night and I was having trouble slowing it down. By game 2 I began to loft a bit with True Nirvana all night. Back end of game 2 the lanes really began to dry out and I got in a groove but my best pocket shot of the night left a ridiculous 7 pin that I missed horribly opening in the 2nd game 9-.

                            Game 3 I remained in the zone only missing the pocket once in the 6th frame on a terrible shot where I didn't keep the speed up and it came in high leaving my 2nd 3-10 split of the night and sadly I couldn't convert this one making it 4 open frames on the night, slamming my hat down in frustration.

                            So we go 2-5 on the night and drop out of 2nd place for the 2nd third of the season. 22-13 for this third and 57-48 overall.

                            214.31 Average thru 15 weeks (45 games) (2017 Duffy 214.20)


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                              256/206/266 728 Series with a 23/9/1/1 line. 2 for 3 on 10 pins

                              A Season best series tonight as we were back on lanes 25 and 26 which is where I shot the 723 week 1. This series though was insane and I don't know how I got here. This didn't feel like a 700 series at all as I wasn't locked into the pocket until game 3 and even then it was only on lane 26. An educated guess here but I'd say 6 of the 23 strikes were flush. The True Nirvana turned back the clock tonight to the carry I was getting much of last season. Some of these strikes were so ridiculous I just had to shake my head culmitating with one that was so off the charts that I had to sit down and take a minute.

                              Lane 25 was much drier than 26 to start the night so I was lofting on 25 and not so much on 26. Then the conditions changed and toward the end of game 2 I decided to start going full on "doorknob" as I call it. A different release point that gives more bite to the pocket and once I did that I stopped leaving 10 pins. I did miss a 10 pin for the 4th straight week which is frustrating. Thankfully it was my only open frame of the night and I kept it clean the rest of the way.

                              Game 3 line was XX 8/ (2-10 split conversion yeah buddy) XXXXXXX8/
                              Unfortunately threw my worst ball of the night 2nd ball 10th frame. I was too pumped up after one of the best of the night on the 1st ball putting me at 7 in a row. I threw too hard missing the head pin and leaving the 1-2. This cost us a win as Fred struck out for his team and we TIED. We did take total pins by ELEVEN. So 4-3 on the night.

                              Another highlight was an outburst that happened on lanes 17-18. I turn to Schumacher and say "Unless that was a 7-10 conversion, they need to dial it down a notch or two." Alas I find out Jeff Beck shoots 299 leaving a flat 10 pin on the final ball. I guess the outburst was warranted after all.

                              Valley Lock and Safe sits at 26-16 for the 2nd third of the season and 61-51 overall. We were in 2nd place but the team in 1st won the 1st third so if we can hold on for these last 4 weeks we can clinch a playoff spot.

                              216.08 Average thru 16 weeks (48 games) (2017 Duffy 213.96)