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    I thought this site was dead for a few days. Whew!


    155/221/191 567 Series with a 15/8/9/4 line.

    What better way to follow up my best series of the season than my season low game of the season (155). Wow these lanes were unpredictable tonight. Coming in I thought I could continue throwing that line with doorknob spin with the True Nirvana. I couldn't have been more wrong. Completely lost game 1 coming in high on the first ball and then over compensating on the backend of game 1 overthrowing and missing the headpin multiple times leaving washouts that I could not convert. This was happening to Ted as well. I don't know the number of 2-10, 2-4-10, 1-2-4-10's and more across the board game 1. It was frustratingly impressive.

    I abandoned The True Nirvana after game 1 and brought out Mag035 to begin game 2 with XXXX in a row and then tugged it inside in the 5th frame. Then the wheels came off in the 6th and 7th. Ball speed was a huge issue all night. I brought it back late and went XX in the 8th and 9th frames. We had lost the first game significantly obviously as I bowled 60 pins under my average but we had a chance game 2. Ted opened in the 10th missing a 36 conversion really bad. I thought we were dead in the water but then Mark misses a single pin and there's hope. That's when I threw probably my best strike of the night in the 10th sealing a game 2 win for us. I busted the hell out but finished X9/.

    Game 3 returned us the the nightmare of game 1. There were glimmers of hope and a few RIDICULOUS strikes with "Extra 20 bucks" carry but the night ended how it started with an open frame and an abysmal split. Got to have amnesia in this sport so let us forget tonight and bounce back next week.

    214.49 Average thru 17 weeks (51 games)


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      163/196/214 573 Series with a 14/15/4/2 line.

      21 days off didn't help at all. Couldn't find a line to the pocket the majority of the night. Was coming in insanely high or super thin leaving backend pins. The night began with a missed 4 pin and 5 pushups. I had 3 more opens on the night missing a 7 pin (5 more pushups) Missed a 3-10 split and there was one more I think a washout that I chopped. Nothing like bowling 50 pins under your average game 1!

      Game 2 I tried to adjust throwing the Mag 035 but that wasn't working either so I defaulted back to True Nirvana and tried loft, then tried doorknob release which worked a little bit but nothing consistent. No turkeys on the night and just a couple doubles.

      Game 3 was finally able to keep it clean and throw an adequate game. It actually came down to my final ball where I was immediately informed by my teammate that I needed an 8 count on my final ball to salvage 1 game on the night and not get swept. Thankfully the ball hit flush and I ended the night with one of the better strikes on the night.

      2-5 on the night as we fall back into the middle of the pack. Ugh.

      212.14 Average thru 19 weeks (57 games) (2017 Duffy 217.19)


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        200/289/226 715 Series with a 25/7/2/0 line. 3 for 4 on 10 pins.

        XXXXXXXXXX9/ 289

        STONE 8 PIN. Welcome to the nightmare that was my 11th ball off my hand that was one of the best shots the entire game. I was left knelt on the approach for a good 30 seconds or more as everyone including myself sat in shock and awe at this ridiculous leave. It was the equivelent of there not being a flag called on that PI in the Rams/Saints game. In fact if I had a flag in my back pocket I would have immediately thrown it at the 8 pin.

        In other news the night started off shaky but I have a new found enjoyment throwing the Mag 035 which I threw all night long. I love how it's not aggro once it reached it's break point and snugly falls into the pocket when it comes off my hand right. The finger tip grips are a lot more snug which I've struggled with in the past but tonight it felt right and I kept committed to this ball even when I was leaving a ringing 10 pin or had a bad shot.

        We had to bowl within 40 pins of our average each game and with Gus and Andy gone it was up to Ted and I which we did for all games so 7-0 on the night and to begin the third third of the season. 79-68 for the season.

        211.52 Average thru 21 weeks (63 Games)(2017 Duffy 217.02)


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          212/235/237 684 Series with a 21/11/1/0 line.

          I don't feel like I bowled this well but I did keep it clean the majority of the night with only 1 open frame a missed 10 pin to end game 1. I couldn't consistently hit my mark but when I did it was ten in the pit easy. Standing 11 board and shooting 6 board early game 1 I couldn't hit my mark and was missing the headpin completely on consecutive shots so I started looking 10 board and landing 6-7 board which worked the majority of the night. It was Mag035 all night.

          We didn't stand a chance game 1 as we spotted the team we bowled 220+ pins each game, then they had their 177 average anchor bowler shoot 299 which was insane considering there were a handful of Brooklyn shots and lucky breaks to get the front 11 down. Especially his 11th shot which hit high Brooklyn and he carried the 4 pin.

          Bounced back and took Game 2 barely. Then Game 3 we were in the hunt and I was also in the hunt for another 700 Series but alas the 9th frame release came off my hand way outside and missed the head pin leaving the 1-2-4. Ugh. So we go 2-5 on the night, 14-7 for the third third of the season and 86-75 overall.

          Also I was too broke to pay attention to what was going on late and Jeff Beck winds up SHOOTING A PERFECT 300 game (His 1st ever) And our league went nuts with excitement. 12th ball was flush as was the majority of his shots I was told.

          212.26 Average thru 23 weeks (69 Games)


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            212/201/259 672 Series with a 22/10/2/2 Line. 1 for 1 on 10 pins.

            Game 3 line

            XX 9/ X 9/ XXXX XXX

            First No-Tap 300 in a while.

            Games 1 and 2 were thrown with the Mag035 and while I threw a lot of doubles I couldn't string anything together. Kept it clean until the 9th frame of game 2 attempting to spare an easy 3-6 I knew I was chopping it as soon as the ball left my hand. Then bounced back on the 1st ball of the 10th but then went through the nose leaving the big 4. A sad X6- finish and a 201.

            Ball Change game 3 as I don't want to neglect the True Nirvana for too long or it too might commit bowling ball suicide and split in half. I left a 7 pin in the 3rd frame and a 5 pin in the 5th frame. Other than that it was clean strikes the rest of the way. Brutally Hal's absence caught up to us and our opponent's anchor went X8/ in the 10th frame and WE LOST BY A SINGLE PIN 825-824. We lost them all and went 0-7 on the night falling back into the middle of the pack at 14-14 for the third third of the season and 86-82 overall. We really need to make a run down the stretch here or we won't even get a chance to defend last year's title and may miss the playoffs completely.


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              2019 USBC Chico City Tournament-

              Doubles Event

              219/204/211 634 Series 2 for 4 on 10 pins

              I forgot to write down my line for game 2 but my line game 1 was 7/4/0/0 and game 3 was 7/3/2/0. Began the morning with the True Nirvana throwing hard. Game 1 was the deepest I've ever ran a Dutch 200 game going all the way into the 10th frame with it and then finally doubling with my 1st ball in the 10th frame. I couldn't miss on lane 8 but couldn't buy a strike on lane 7. End of Game 1 I started throwing the Mag035 on lane 7 and kept with the True Nirvana on lane 8. I missed a 10 pin on my final ball going X9-. Halfway through game 2 I went fully to the Mag035 the rest of the way throwing my bread and butter line standing 11 and shooting 6-7 board.

              Ted struggled to a mid 500 series so we probably won't place for doubles.

              2019 USBC Chico City Tournament-

              Singles Event

              268/229/237 734 Series with a 23/10/0/0 Line

              Became locked in immediately after a flat 7 pin frame 1 I went
              9/ XXXXXXXX 8/X. The 1st ball in the 10th frame was a poor quality shot with no lift coming in super light to the pocket and leaving the 2-8 sleeper. Thankfully covered and finished with a flush pocket hit. Super frustrated because I was well on my way to a 290 which I believe I shot in City Tournament a few years ago.

              Sputtered around early game 2 but continued to keep it clean converting my spares and finished with a 5 bagger to make it a respectable game. Game 3 began poorly with a couple of my worst shots of the day but again, kept it clean until mid game when I knew I needed to focus which is difficult with this being the 6th game close to hour number 4. I ran a five bagger from the 5th to the 9th frame but my shot in the 8th was so abysmal I turned away and it went high brooklyn with some luck it was 10 in the pit. "I'm on a free roll now." I proclaimed and my strike in the 9th frame was probably one of the best of the day. Then I leave a ringing 10 pin on my 1st ball in the 10th frame and scream out in frustration because I know I'm on a run toward the top of the leaderboard. More luck as I barely and I mean barely convert this 10 pin as the ball is falling into the gutter. I stood like a statue for a good 11 seconds after this conversion on the foul line. Final ball was true and I beat Ted who shot his best game of the day by 1 pin 237-236. I also tied Kevin who also shot 734 with a 287 game but I have a higher handicap by a few pins so I'm currently in 1st place for Singles Handicap Series. There are 2 more squads to bowl singles today at 4pm and 9pm so I have to wait it out to see if that series holds or not.

              30 consecutive frames with no open frames is legit and I'm actually more excited for that consistency than I am with my overall series. Team event is tomorrow morning at 10am and I'm hoping to continue this consistency and make a run at the leaderboard for all events.


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                193/246/188 627 Series with an 18/9/5/0 line. 1 for 3 on 10 pins.

                The struggle to make spares continues. 2 missed 10 pins, a missed 2-4-5, a 7 pin and a washout 1-2-10 on my worst ball of the night game 3.
                Once I started following through consistently halfway through the night I was getting some consistency to the pocket but then I'd have a weird release and come in light. Had some insane carry with the Mag035 on a handful of shots.

                While I puttered along to get within a few pins of my average, Tonight was the Ted and Hays show. Both showed up big time. Ted was on pace for an insane 800 series through 2 games he needed a 257 to get it but started tapping 10 pins and couldn't convert. Hillariously his line was 28 Strikes and 1 Spare. He finished 275/268/211 754 series and Hays finished strong narrowly missing a 700 series by 17 pins with a 214/225/244 683 Series. Game 2 we threw a season PB team handicap game busting a thousand with a 1010.

                We lost game 1 but bounced back winning game 2 and 3 taking total pins as well so 5-2 on the night. 26-23 for the third third of the season and 98-91 overall. Still mathmatically alive for a playoff spot but we really need to come close to running the table and at this point the wildcard seems more likely as going into the night we were 8 points back from 1st place.

                211.41 Average thru 27 weeks (81 games)(2017 Duffy-217.85)


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                  199/206/179 584 Series with a 14/15/4/0 line 2 for 4 on 10 pins

                  Man I really thought I had solved my problem with a consistent release last week when I focused on my follow through on each shot during the back end of game 3 last week. Practice started off ok but as the night began I realized early on that even though with the follow through I was more accurate at hitting my target board, I was losing rev rate to the pocket and coming in light or not coming in at all and washing out missing the head pin completely. I tried to stick with it but I soon through this strategy out the window and went back to my original line at the end of game 1 and struck out XXX to salvage a 199. That tells you how bad it was.

                  My conversions of any spare on the right side of the lane has become poor to abysmal ever since keeping it clean during City Tournament Singles event. My 4 open frames (should have been more) were 2 missed 10 pins and 2 missed 6-10's. Really bad shots here and completely confused. In hindsight I think moving forward I'm going to shoot 6-10's with my strike ball. The only problem with that is you risk chopping the 6 but I'll take that risk over missing the pins completely with my spare ball in the gutter or on the inside. Or maybe I'll pretend I'm shooting a 3-10 split. I don't know, I need to throw some practice games on a Sunday.

                  Ugh I'm getting off topic. We lost the first 2 games and only because of everyone but me showing up game 3 we managed to salvage game 3. (Gus shot his high game of the year with a 216)

                  28-28 for the third third of the season and 100-96 overall. Next week is position round followed by the roll off in 2 weeks. Mathmatically still alive but it's bleak.

                  210.81 Average thru 28 weeks (84 games)


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                    Terry Raposa Thursday Night Trios Scratch League

                    Lanes 5 and 6

                    244/176/201/254 875 Series with a 28/11/7/3 line. 2 for 3 on 10 pins

                    Began the night with a Five Bagger and ended the night with a 7 bagger. Everything in between was a struggle at times. I finally implemented turning back the clock and throwing the True Nirvana with Loft and door knob release at the back end of Game 3 striking out in the 10th. Outside of the missed 10 pin, there were some really bad missed spares tonight. The 3 opens that weren't splits was a 2-4-5, 6-10, and 4 pin. Subbing in the 2 slot tonight for Dave, head to head I beat my opponent 3 out of 4 games which is nice considering last time I went 0 for 4 when Thad was on another level out of the anchor slot.

                    Only other thing I'll mention here is Barry had the Front 8 Strikes game 4 but his 8th strike was missing an 8 pin on lane 6. So he had to re-shoot his 8th ball and no big deal he crushed the pocket again. Frame 9 he left a flat 7 pin ending the run but I believe he finished with a 268.

                    218.75 Average for 4 games.


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                      It has really been a while since I have picked up a bowling bowl and stuck out my first set. I stopped because I had to [removed link to suspicious site] that were happening in my bowling center. It really ruined the game for everyone especially the kids. Now that they are gone, everything is back to its wholesome self and I can't wait to play again after all this pandemic is over.
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