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    I have been using Brunswick Zone shoes for a few years seen at I have recently started having some knee problems on my sliding foot. 1 suggestion I got on here was to switch to a wider shoe, do you think its worth the money to invest in the new dexter sst 8's?

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    I own the SST7 . It took me a while to get use to the Toe Drag Protector on the slide foot. It's made of a hard rubber on the SST7, so if you were to drag the tip of your foot (like I did) on the floor, you felt the resistance in your slide foot which could throw you off time. Basically I felt like I would trip on the way to the foul line. It took me some time to learn not to do drag the tip of my foot, then get comfortable with my new approach style. Yes, on occasion I still drag my toe, but I have learned to stop and start over without any problems (this happens rarely even).

    All in all, I really like the SST7 I have. There are so many different combinations for the heel and sole, it would be diffacult not to find something that will suit you for almost any aproach conditon. Personally, I find the shoes comfortable, stable, and not heavy on the foot.

    Oh, and one more thing. It appears they've done away with the hard rubber and went to a leather Toe Drag Protector. So the learning curve I went through doesn't appear to be as critical anymore. If it weren't for my SST7's being in good shape (I've had them almost 2 yrs now), I would be inclined to improve to the SST8. If I could convinse the wife I could use back up shoes, I would .

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