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  • Using a ramp

    I could use some advice. I have been on a womens' league since 1997 and am the only woman on the league in a wheelchair and who uses a ramp.

    I use a ball that has no curve to it and sometimes I don't get the desired result i.e. a strike or spare. So I am wondering if anyone knows and who may have used a ramp before how to position it in order to get the result I would like?

    If anyone has any tips, I would appreciate it.

    Anneke a.k.a. Anni

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    I ran across this article about using a ramp, it might have some info that helps.
    The second page has the main information.

    CLICK HERE FOR How to Bowl with a Ramp

    While the ramp won't impart the full range of motion on the ball.

    But depending on the type of ball, I would think if you placed the weight block at the proper angle in relation to how it rolled down the ramp. You could get some hook and control.

    It would take sometime at practice, repeating shots till you find the right orientation of the weight block.

    Also see this post
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