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A DIY Slidestone

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  • A DIY Slidestone

    Over in another forum they were talking about the Brunswick Slidestone.

    See here:
    Click for Brunswick Slidestone

    The slidestone is just a couple of pieces of Soapstone attached to a piece of molding.

    Soapstone has been used for years by bowlers for adding slide to their sole. It's not messy like easy slide and lasts a long time. Plus you can rub it on your thumb also if your sticking some.

    This is my quick do it yourself slidestone!

    1 small piece of wood/molding and a couple of pieces of soapstone and some adhesive:

    The Brunswick version is about $9.

    I bought a package of soapstone for $3 at lowes (in the welding supplies), which is enough to make about 8 or 10 DIY's.