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  • Pyramid Phoenix Personal Ball Revivor Revirew

    Pyramid Phoenix Personal Ball Revivor Review

    The Pyramid Phoenix Ball Revivor, uses a forced air heating system to heat a bowling ball to extract oil from the ball by circulating heat evenly around the ball. About me I've been bowling for almost 30 years and have had a lot of experience using many ball cleaning and surfacing products, I even pieced together my own DIY ball revivor which I used for many years. So I feel I have a good eye for what works and doesn't in regard to ball cleaning. The unit I got worked as advertised, it only required some simple assembly before use. Operation was simple I just placed my ball in the unit and pressed the on/off/ button to start the preset 30 minute heating cycle. The unit automatically shut itself off at the end of the cycle, I opened it and wiped the now oil covered ball off, turning the ball over I replaced it into the unit and started a second heating cycle. At the end of the cycle I removed the again oil covered ball and sprayed some ball cleaner on it and wiped away the oil. The ball was now clean and the surface tacky again.

    I'll give it 5 out of 5 stars!

    1: The heating unit is at the bottom of the Revivor, I like this because since heat naturally rises I believe the ball will heat more evenly (This is like my DIY one). Similar devices heat from the top down so have to force the heated air downwards.
    2: Construction is fairly solid and of good quality.
    3: The big ball cup in this can be taken out and used on your table if you need to have something to set the ball on.
    4: It's made in sections which allow for easy cleaning and ball placement. 5: Price is lower than other similar units.

    1: This is a small nitpick the lid is just a little fiddly when you put it on, you might have jiggle it around so it seats fully.

    How I reached my 5 star rating: I've tested the Phoenix's operation for eight hours and with 7 balls from different mfg's, Checking internal and ball surface temperatures during this period. I started with a internal temperature test (using a digital thermometer w/probe ) without any ball in it. Over a half hour cycle the temperature slowly rose to a final temperature of 153degree which I figured was within the operating range. With a ball in the unit, the internal temperature still reached 153degrees . (Note: I found probe placement could affect readings. Such as against the cylinder wall.) Using a low cost IR thermometer ball surface temperatures measurements fell in the 120-130 degree range which is about where you want it and where most other home revivor type machines reach.

    This a new product from Pyramid Bowling and functions well IMO. I have several of Pyramids products and they are decent also and and Pyramid Bowling are pretty good about helping customers if they have a problem or questions about a product.