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    Every year the proposed amendments to bylaws and league rules lead to questions from convention delegates. In an effort to better inform members, USBC staff has listed some frequently asked questions and the answers below.

    Why is the Board recommending a future dues increase option in 2010 at the national level, but not state and local? Any dues increase will be primarily used to develop benefits and value that drive membership at all levels from headquarters. For example, programs like a new virtual membership, on-line coaching tips, new awards and a totally re-designed will be cost supported strictly at the national level. Additionally, no requests for dues increases have been initiated at the local level and only 17 percent of local associations are at the $10 cap currently.

    I thought the merger creating USBC and move to Arlington was going to save money. Why does the Board still want the option to increase future dues in 2010? Recent changes at USBC have led to much greater efficiencies. Staff at headquarters has been reduced from 225 down to 160 positions. Nevertheless, in the current economic climate, sponsorship and membership revenue is down significantly. In order to fund new programs to grow the sport and reverse the membership decline, the Board feels an option of a modest increase in 2010 is appropriate.

    If bylaws proposal No. B-1 passes, what will be the timeline for all state and local associations to merge? Associations will have over two years to integrate as the proposal calls for all state and locals to be merged by Aug. 1, 2011.

    How many votes does it take to pass an amendment? Bylaw proposals require a two-thirds approval. League rule proposals require a simple majority.

    24 proposals up for vote at 2009 USBC Annual Meeting

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