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  • Hoping for some help

    Okay, I'm new here, and I've been using the score tracker function, but I need some help, and am hoping someone can set me straight.

    All the particulars:
    1: Right handed bowler
    2: Ball 1: AMF Pro XSi highly polished fingertip
    3: Ball 2: Columbia 300 polished fingertip (seen better days)
    4: AMF Brookgate Lanes in Cleveland, Ohio (synthetic lanes)
    5: 5-step approach, with NO slide.
    6: Traditional style bowler, counting boards and studying marks on the lanes, I am not a "heave-and-chucker", who just launches cannon balls down the lanes.
    (This is my approach with my AMF, because this is the ball I'm having trouble with)
    I start with my right toe at the 35 board (last dot to the left), and release with the all intending to go over the 3rd arrow (3rd from the right)[I'm using a bowling lane diagram I found online)
    When I first purchased this ball (the AMF) it had a dull finish, and was completely uncontrollable, so the lane pro I was bowling at, at the time, suggested I have it polished.
    Once it was polished, the ball became a beast, and fell beautifully into the pocket, and had incredible pin reaction.
    This was on REAL WOOD lanes, though.
    It has been a while since I've bowled, and have found everyone has gone to synthetic lanes.
    Now, it seems that no matter where I begin my approach (and being a traditional bowler, and going off teachings from my grandfather, I begin moving two boards to the left, or right, depending on where the ball strikes the head pin), but no matter how far I adjust my approach, this ball seems to hook like crazy on the last 3/4 of the lane, and always, always, ALWAYS Brooklyn's no matter what.
    I need some help.
    I love this ball, loved it since the day I bought it, and love the pin action on the ball.
    I've been keeping my score respectable with my Columbia, maintaining a 175 average all season long, but my approach and mark on the lane is completely different with that ball, because it is less reactive, and has some major years on it (close to 15, maybe 18) but is reliable, and the ball I use for 10 pins pick-ups.

    Anyone who has an idea, I'm willing to listen to anyone, so I can get this Pro XSi back on the lane.


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    Hi Bengals0225,

    It will be hard to give advice without seeing a video of you or knowing your ball speed, Revs. Lane conditions. If your a Cranker , tweener or stroker.

    The "AMF Pro XS I" That's a oldie from the mid. 90's, it came with 320 grit surface. For todays ball that would be a lot of surface, but you say it's polished. It was a Heavy oil ball back in the day.

    What Columbia 300 ball is it? If it's just a white dot and it's working then it could be too dry for the AMF.

    Just how are you polishing? you might try having the surface changed maybe a 4000 Abralon under grit followed by a good coat of polish (Like Rough Buff or powerhouse factory finish) see if you can get a little better length.
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      It was polished by the pro shop, and now has a finish like most other balls.

      The Columbia is a white dot.

      I will attempt to take a video of this on Sunday morning.

      I've never personally polished the ball, except for wiping it down between frames, unless I notice the lanes are dry, then I normally never wipe down my ball.

      I'll try to get more specifics for you, and some video.

      Thanks again!