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That Purple Stuff Ball Cleaner Showdown V01

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  • That Purple Stuff Ball Cleaner Showdown V01

    Okay, here's the video of my tests with That Purple Stuff.

    "That Purple Stuff" is a good cleaner, But you can use it up fast and it's pricey.

    Cleaning after every shot does appear to give the ball a more consistent reaction, But it doesn't matter what cleaner you use. Cleaning after every shot lets any cleaner work more effectively.

    As for leaving ten pins you still can leave them, But cleaning after every shot does seem to help reduce how many you leave.

    Note about the 10 pin leaves:
    That's just my opinion!! I cleaned my my ball every frame, I left fewer ten pins than I had been when I didn't.

    I didn't do some long scientific study, I just tried what Ron H. said about cleaning after every shot. I did a comparison of cleaners like a ordinary person might try to do, Then just gave my opinion.