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Pyramid Bowling's Force Unleashed Ball Review

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  • Pyramid Bowling's Force Unleashed Ball Review

    Pyramid Bowling's Force Unleashed Ball Review

    The Force Unleashed is Pyramid Bowling's newest and last ball in their Force line. The Force series uses the same ball specifications as the others in the line, With only the coverstock changed.

    The Unleashed uses the red GPS Navigational ATX Solid coverstock and this is what I think makes this the best ball in the line. On the fresh I'm getting a good look it reads the lane well and has good recovery. It has a strong reaction with the out of box surface (2000 Abralon) and a strong drive on the backend.

    The 4.5? pin to pap of my layout gives me a good amount of flare with a bit more ?forward? down lane. With the PSA being on the VAL it kind of makes it feel like its hard to throw it through the breakpoint and it's fairly continuous down lane. This makes it feel very much like my Motiv Venom Recoil which uses the same basic layout but stronger.

    With the Unleashed I can move left and play a deeper inside line than I could before, The ball is smooth going down the lane, But when it makes it's move watch out. I've been seeing the pins bounce around more and even getting some better messengers flying across the deck than I have before.

    I've been using this ball for a few weeks now in league, It's first out of the bag and has been making it through all three games.

    I too think that if you haven't had one of the ?Force? balls before and want to get one, this is the one to get!

    My Bowler Statistics
    Right Handed, Ball Speed: Slow about 14 mph at the pins, Revs: Low, PAP: 5 9/16"over 1.75"up

    Ball Statistics
    Gross Weight: 14lbs. 0oz.
    Top Weight: 4oz.
    Pin Position: 2.5"
    RG: 2.53
    Diff: .051
    MB Diff: .019
    Ball Layout: Dual Angle: 30? X 4.5" X 70? (Pin Buffer: 4.5" X 3" X 4")
    Surface: Out of Box (2000 Abralon)