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Ebonite - Angular One for my husband

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  • Ebonite - Angular One for my husband

    Just received the Angular One from the December drawing. Drilled with the #1 layout. I have tried it on 4 conditions and am not impressed. The first time I threw it was on a lighter oil pattern in league. My Overtime hooked too much, my Crossfire was OK for a down and in shot, and my Apex Obsession or Blade Pearl seemed to be the perfect ball, but I had problems releasing them. The Angular One didn't move. The second time was while practicing on a heavy-medium oiled shot with very clean backends. The Overtime was awesome of course, the Apex Obsession was very playable of course, the Crossfire and Purple Classic Zone didn't move, and the Angular One was too jumpy. One of the lanes broke down, so I moved over a pair. It had leagues bowled on it in the morning so it was slightly drier with carry-down. The Overtime, Apex, Zone, or Angular One would hook, but the Crossfire did? The third time was in league again on lighter oil. The Overtime hooked out as well as did a Diesel Particle polished and a Matrix TPS III polished with the oin under my middle finger. The Crossfire would do anything I wanted to, but carry. The Angular One was too jumpy. I let a guy on my team try the Angular One. He had been using a Vapor Zone all night hooking the crap out of it. The Angular One started to turn for him and then quit.
    I have thrown The One with 4 different layouts, The Big One with 3 different layouts, the Angular One, the Crossfire with 2 different layouts, the Overtime with 2 different layouts, and the Nitro R2 with 2 different layouts. I liked them all except for The Ones and Angular Ones.

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    I don't have near the number of balls or time to bowl enough to give as technical review as you but I won the ball for Jan and picked an angular one. I love it. Really compliments my infinite one. So far I've used it in five league sessions and am averaging just under 700 with a 300 game. That's with a terrible 610 series when I was sick. I used drill pattern number one.

    I tend to read reviews on before any new ball purchase.