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  • Hammer Rayzr

    Has anyone tried this ball? If so, what do you think of it? My typical ball is semi-hook. I am looking for a ball for dry lanes. I live in Hawthorne, CA and I bowl out of Keystone Lanes and Del Rio Lanes which are both dry to medium.

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    That ball should be ok for drier lanes but it still has a fairly strong cover. It may take some polish if your lanes are toast.

    Have you ever thrown a ball with a pancake weight block before? I've always found the carry to be a little suspect with them but it could just be me.

    You might take a look at the Starburst XXL from Lane #1. Its the same idea as the Rayzr but instead of a strong cover with a weak core its a weak cover (plastic) with an aggressive core. Should work well on drier conditions and you won't have to sacrifice carry.


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      The Rayzr is an entry level ball with a pancake weight block. I would go for a Vibe, drilled pin up for dry lanes.


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        I did just that - I almost got the razyr, but ended up with a Green Vibe pin up for my ending arsenal. I now carry Ebonite Gamebreaker (benchmarking ball) - then I can go to my Green Vibe for dryer or my Columbia Resurgence for oil (mostly xmas tree pattern, or aka octopus pattern, ya' all know the 1 pattern with 8 ways to the pocket - lol)
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