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Hammer Bad A$$ first look.

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  • Hammer Bad A$$ first look.

    Hammer Bad A$$
    Weight: 15lb 4oz., Top weight: 3 1/4oz.
    Pin: 2 5/8"

    Basic 5" X 4" layout.
    Actual #'s:
    Pin 5" from pap in the ring finger, with the CG 4.5" from the pap. CG is on the Midline 1 1/2" from the grip center.

    Basically the same layout as my Meanstreak Beatdown. PSO said it would get a little more length than the Beatdown and should go well with it.

    Tried the ball out for 3 games just after drilling on the afternoon mystery shot. Mainly to check fit and get a basic idea of the reaction.

    Started at 12 at the arrows and as the games progressed was able to move in just past 3rd arrow. Had a little oil toward the center and I felt the backends seemed a little tame.

    Pretty much as long as you got it out past 10, the ball would come back. About the only place it didn't come back from was around the 1-2 board (see game 2, fifth frame .(I believe though it would have if I had more rev's.)

    The ball motion is very consistant, I got good length, the backend was strong and pretty angular off the breakpoint. The ball had a good roll going into the pins and carried light hits well.

    Even with my low rev's, I was able to get further left than I normally do with most symmetrical balls. I was standing on 35 toward the end (Game 3, frames 7 on) which was surprising.

    It did get more length than the Beatdown, the beatdown was a bit too early compared to it.

    Will have to see how it does on the fresh and the breakdown.