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The Bad A$$ a new learning experience begins....

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  • The Bad A$$ a new learning experience begins....

    A grim first night with the new ball, I shot 498.


    To start I wasn't feeling up to par, do to the recent cold snap here. So this isn't the best review I could do

    Though I feel I made the proper moves and such though the night. I can't say I used the ball as well as I could have.
    But I did get some ideas as to the balls performance and lane play needed. That I hope will help with a tournament this coming Sunday.

    We had good fresh oil for league, the pattern is a medium oil THS about 41' to the end of the buff. The ball was at the O.O.B. and I have about a average speed and lower rev's.

    I used the ball all three games to see how it changed through the night. Main problem was speed control, My energy kept fluctuating and I'd slow down and speed up.

    I'll use this clipped image To illustrate my lane play compared to how they used it in the Bad A$$ video.

    Practice: I started at my usual spot (see the green line in the picture), I already figured I'd have start farther in. But wanted to see how it played using the track area. This was definately not the place to play the ball.

    If it went out past 10 it was headed left, I could pull it and as long as it stayed in the oil it would hold well.

    (Games 1-3 see the red line in the picture)
    Game 1: I moved left standing about 26 and shooting for 3rd arrow, this was the place to start. With my low rev's I have a hard time getting the back from outside. Not so with this ball, it would easily come back.

    All I had to do was stroke it and let it roll off my hand. Which was the problem with the first game, I was fish hooking my fingers in the holes causing me to lift it and pull. Which made it erratic, like in the 4th frame I took out the 7 pin corner with it.

    Game 2: Moved left more, with the exception of frames 6-7 all shots were pocket hits. of the other reviews I've read. They felt the ball was over/under with the OOB and knocked the shine off to stabilize it.

    I'll agree with that, I think it would have helped here. (I'll be making that change.)

    Game 3: Wound up standing on 35 and shooting between 3rd & 4th arrow. I rarely play that deep because I had a hard time bringing it back from outside. So usually I'd play it closer to the headpin, which would work but I tend pull it.

    But as I said earlier this ball would easily come back.

    The line they used in The Ron Hickland video I posted was right on. I wish I had seen it before hand. For a symmetrical ball it was surprising angular. I was impressed with the movement I got with my lower rev's.

    I'm going to have to practice playing the inside more now that I have a ball I can bring back easier. I think it will fit in well with my others once I learn to use it better, it's a different look to my others.