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Quick first look at my Pyramid Curse

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  • Quick first look at my Pyramid Curse

    Okay, I got the Curse punched today and picked it up just before league. This just a quick look, I only have right lane shots of the 1st and 2nd games. it just a fast edit so it goes by quick.

    We increased the forward pitch on my thumb pitch to a 1/8th forward and went down to a 61/64th thumb insert to tighten the hole. To see if it helped me hang on to the ball better, which it did very well.

    I only rolled the ball twice in warmup, once on each lane and crushed the pocket for a strike.

    As you can see I didn't burn up the lanes, but with the exception of 6 frames (my fault, my form was really bad tonight) it was either strikes or 9 counts.

    I was playing it about 12 to 3rd arrow (a couple around 2nd arrow) through the night. As long as the ball was right of the headpin it was coming back. The ball looked pretty smooth, got down the lane and was strong off the spot.

    I should do better next week, now I got the grip tweaked better.