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Pyramid Curse Ball Reaction Video

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  • Pyramid Curse Ball Reaction Video

    Well maybe not one of the best reviews, But I've been in a slump. But had fun trying out a new free video editor here and cobbled together this video.

    Ball the Pyramid Curse

    Ball Specifications
    a) Gross Weight: 15lbs.
    b) Top Weight: 3 1/4 oz.
    c) Pin to CG: 2.75"
    d) Coverstock: GPS Navigational ATX
    i) OOB: 2000 Abralon/Factory Finish Polish

    Drill Layout/Pattern Used:

    Layout based on orig. PAP of 5 7/8"> 5/8"^ PAP:
    5" X 5" X 4.5" Pin Buffer
    64 X 5" X 70 Dual Angle

    Layout based on alternate PAP of: 4 7/8"> 1/4"^ PAP:
    4.5" X 4.25" X 3.75" Pin Buffer
    50 X 4.5" X 60 Dual Angle

    Company Drill Sheet Layout Number : Approx. #4/#5

    Bowler Specifications: Righthanded, about 225-250 revs, 16 mph off the hand.

    Lanes Brunswick Pro-anvil, 41' THS, low-med volume.

    Surface Preparation:

    The O.O.B. is 2000 Grit Abralon with Factory Finish Polish. I've tried several surfaces (Using Abralon, Paper and gray scotchbrite) such P800/1500, P800/1500/Royal shine, P2000/4000 etc. over the past few weeks.

    The latest I used is 1000 US grit wet/dry Paper (which is close to 2000 Abralon) with Brunswick Royal compound, You could see a bit more texture than the OOB. But the B.R.C. polish with that grit gave it better length than the OOB and maybe a little more even reaction on our current conditions.

    Even though I've been rolling bad lately, the Curse is real consistent and predicable. The ball motion is nice and smooth, but can be strong off the spot to give you a nice pop into the pocket.

    One thing about the coverstock, it seemed to pickup more gunk on it than others such as my Motiv Paranoia or DV8 Dude on the same condition. I don't think it affected the motion much, but keep a eye on that and clean the surface more often if needed.

    If you throw it outside it's coming back, Tugging it is a little twitchy. If there's oil in the middle it will hold pretty good, but if the backend is pretty dry it's going for the 7, though polishing it helped.

    Should be okay for a benchmark ball, The price point is good.