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Pyramid Bowling: Blunt Force ball motion video

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  • Pyramid Bowling: Blunt Force ball motion video

    Pyramid Bowling: Blunt Force

    Gross Weight: 15lbs 2oz.
    Top Weight: 3oz.
    Pin: 3"

    P.A.P.: 4 7/8"> 1/4"^
    Pin Buffer: 4 1/2" X 4" X 2 1/4"
    Dual Angle: 47° X 4 1/2" X 35°
    Side weight: 7/8oz.
    Pin above ring finger

    Pyramid: Relation Weight Layout #2: High Flare & Strong Backend

    O.O.B.: 2000|Factory Polish (Matte looking surface)
    I'm currently using 1000 US Grit on a 41' THS, Kegel Fire Oil

    Okay a ordinary bowlers look at the Blunt Force, Which is Pyramids newest ball released last month. It has the Asym. core from the Pyramid FORCE, with a hybrid version of the GPS Navigational coverstock. With the Orange Pearl/Black colors, it has nice classic looking color scheme.

    It's listed as a Medium-Heavy oil ball, I think I would lean it a little closer to the medium side. While you might not see the flip on the backend like you would with say the Pyramid Curse.

    The Blunt with it's response to friction it has, it's predictable and has a good controlled turn on the backend with a heavy roll going into the pins.

    The ball might look like it's not going to move, but once it does it keeps going. I've seen some different pin action with the Blunt Force like more messengers than I normally see with my lower revs and speed.

    I think it's a good house shot ball, It's been the first ball out of my bag for a few weeks now. It's made it through all 3 games without burning up or the like, Though that would depend on just how your shot breaks down.

    In my opinion if you have a high ball speed and on more oil, you might want to look at the Pyramid Force with it's solid coverstock. Otherwise I think for a league bowler with a medium speed, The Blunt Force would be good ball. It would have recovery from the outside and good hold up the middle.

    I don't think you'd be disappointed with this ball, Unless your really wanting to see that big sweeping motion on the backend.