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  • Rotogrip-cell

    Pin Length-4"
    Ball Weight-16lbs.
    Cytoplasmic Solid Reactive
    Pin to PAP 3"
    CG to PAP 3 ½"
    MB to PAP 6" located in the thumb hole.
    5/8 diam. Weight hole
    Click here for photo
    RH, Medium/Low Rev's, High Track 13 degree's axis tilt, speed 15.5 mph at pins.
    PAP is 5 7/8' x 5/8"up
    O.O.B. 2000 Abralon, also tried 4000 Abralon, also tried 10,000 grit polish,also tried 500 Abralon, also 400 & 800 grit wet/dry and gray scotchbrite.
    Brunswick Pro Anvil lanes the pattern is a medium total length about 41' including the buffed area.
    Too start with after trying several finishes on the coverstock, I found the Cell was very smooth and predictable no matter which surface was used.
    The strength of this ball depends on the the amount of rev's applied to it. I found that with lower rev's you need more surface to handle the oil better. ( this goes with what was said in BTM's Jan.08 issue about the ball.)
    On the fresh pattern as I shined the ball, it would increase the length it got ,thus wouldn't read the dry early enough for me. Which forced me right with it, while I could hit the pocket with it. The carry wasn't there, there was a lot of corner pins/light hits.
    The place where the shined up ball worked best was on a dry lane. Shined up with the 10,000 grit polish, the ball was fantastic. The ball was consistent and had amazing hitting power.
    On the fresh/oilier pattern I found the duller surface worked better for me. It would read the dry better, while still getting good length. The ball produced a strong driving roll, which carried the pins well keeping them low.
    I would say if you have lower rev's. If you want to use the ball on fresh or oilier shots it needs have more surface, then put away as the shot goes. If you want it for the drier times then shine it and wait before you pull it out of the bag.
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    I like mine, it's definatley a condition specific ball for me, if I don't get behind it correctly, it doesen't react well. I like the SD-73 much better
    Here's video of the cell, I seem to leave a lot of 10 pins but all in all it's a keeper.
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      I have over 75 games on mine now and it still surprises me. I had to go up to 2000 abralon and then polish it high. I was having a little trouble going high and leaving 10 pins.But since using this ball I no longer am leaving alot of splits, in fact in the past 12 games all my spares have been single pin pick-ups. I have mine drilled 4x4 and throw medium revs a tweener.