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Rotogrip Nomad Solid

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  • Rotogrip Nomad Solid

    1) Rotogrip Nomad Solid

    2) Ball Specifications

    a) Gross Weight: 16#
    b) Top Weight: 2.?? oz.
    c) Pin Placement: 3.5"
    d) Coverstock: Ultra Vision Solid Reactive
    e) Core: Symmetrical (Rotary core from the Sliver Streak series)

    3) Drill Layout/Pattern: label leverage

    a) Pin to PAP distance: 4", Pin is 2 1/4" from the VAL.
    b) CG to PAP distance: 4 5/8" with the CG 1" from grip centerline on the midline.
    c) Extra Hole Placement (NONE)
    d) Mass Bias Placement (NONE)

    4) Surface Preparation

    a) Surface Type: OOB 1500 polished
    b) Surface Type: 800 grit wet sand finished with 4000 abralon.

    5) Bowler Specifications

    a) Right handed
    b) Stroker
    c) Ball Speed (estimated) 18mph
    d) Rev rate (estimated): Medium rev’s
    e) Positive Axis Point (PAP):5 7/8"> 5/8"^
    f) About 13 degree axis tilt

    6) Lanes

    a) Type of lanes (synthetic) Brunswick Pro Anvil
    b) Oil pattern Information (Typical House Shot “THS”)

    7) Ball Reaction Characteristics

    a) The ball is very clean through the heads, getting good length.
    b) The mid-lane read was good
    c) The ball made a nice move off the oil, and had a nice even reaction on the backend.
    d) The ball retained energy well, The backend was a strong angular one, with good continuation to and through the pin's.

    8) Miscellaneous Information

    a) Used in two leagues (Mixed (4players), All men(5players) and open play.

    I've used this ball for several weeks now, I could easily parrot other reviews. But I'll just focus on a couple of thing's that I was looking at Hold & Recovery, Lane read and pin carry.

    The ball's recovery was amazing, throw the ball outside and it came back. Almost a problem for me, trusting the ball enough to send it to the outside. In the out of box condition, it would go just a little long on the mixed league (because it has a oilier condition, because theres a second league following it.). Hold was good on this shot, but with carrydown hit was problematic.

    On the drier men's league recovery was almost spooky, it would come back from just about anywhere. Back as the lanes broke down it was just to much, the ball still reacted well and I didn't see it rolling out. But I couldn't get it down the lane. Hold was good at the beginning of the night, but as the oil goes so should the ball go to the bag.

    Where the ball shined for me, was when I changed the surface to a 800 grit wet sand and finished it with 4000 abralon and used on the mixed league. This surface change evened the reaction and improved the lane read, but still retained most all of the recovery and hold reaction was more predictable.

    The other thing I was watching was pin carry, I wanted to see if the ball having a thick coverstock changed how the pins reacted when hit.

    The thinner coverstock balls I think have a little “give” when they hit, with the pins just bouncing off them. Which can cause them to fly around in the air more, which can lead to a lot of ringing leaves.

    The Nomad gave the pins a better look when it hit. The pins stayed low and spinning, you could even hear a difference in the sound of the hit. It gave a feeling that more energy was being imparted to the pins.

    I want to see now how the ball holds up over the long run. With the thinner covers cracking so much more lately, I want to see if these thicker one hold up more like the old time balls.

    This is a good strong ball and I recommend it, but remember it's skid/flip type ball. So make sure that it will fit your game.