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  • Storm Dimension

    What to say about this ball. To me, it's the best ball that Storm has out now. I'm a straight Storm/Roto Grip guy. I also have the Cell. Too me the Dimension is better. It has alot of hook and it rolls out nice at the pocket. The only down side to the ball is that if there is no oil there's no Dimension. It needs oil. Ans if it's soaked the ball eats it up. So clean it at your local pro shop when done. After 100 games get it rejuvinated then resurfaced.

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    nice to here that. my shift cracked on me
    so storm is replaceing it. they tell me i cant get another shift
    so im going with the dimension.
    hope it works for me as well.
    i am also a storm man.
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      I just got one today it looks like a hooking ball, it came dull I am not sure what to expect yet.
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