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  • Score Tracking Tutorial

    How to track your scores at

    The score tracking of this website allows you to enter league scores each week so that you can view helpful and interesting statistics on your performance. To get started, goto the Stats section of the website by clicking here.

    Once on the Score Tracking page, you'll see an area labeled "My Stat". To the right of that is the Personal Stats menu.

    To create a new stat sheet, click the "Create New Stat Sheet" link. Fill in the name of your league, the season, the bowlers name, gender and center. If you check "Keep Private", then your stat sheet will not be visible to other users. To select the center, first select the State, then the City, then finally the center that you bowl in. Finally click "Save".

    Now you should see your stat sheet displayed below "My Stats". To enter your weekly scores, first click on the League Name link that you are entering scores for. Toward the right of the page, you'll see a small menu with a link that says "Add new Scores...". Click that link, then fill in the week#, date bowled, lane#, Game1, Game2, Game3, Game4 (leave Gave 4 blank if only 3 games were bowled). Then click Save.

    You should now see the scores displayed on the stat sheet. If you uneed to edit a score, click the paintbrush icon to the right of the score line. If to delete a score line, click the trash icon to the right. Please note, that if you enter new scores, but specify a week# that has already been entered, the new scores will replace the old scores of that week#.

    Clicking the "Return..." link will bring you back to the My Stats page.

    Clicking thte "Add to Favorites..." link will add a link to this page under your "Favories" on the My Stat page. This is for keeping a quick link to other users stat sheets.

    Back on the mystats page, there are a few other links that are useful.

    The Trashcan icon next to a stat sheet will delete that stat sheet. It will ask for confirmation before deleting. Once deleted, it cannot be restored.

    The cylendar icon next to the trashcan is for archiving a stat sheet. When archived it will dissappear from your list. To access archived stat sheets, you can click the "Include Archives" link from the menu on the right.

    The "View Public Profiles" link in the menu will let you search and view stat sheets for other bowlers.

    The "View Weekly Highs" will let you see the top 100 games and series for Men and Women for the past 7 days.

    The "Stats Link Generator" allows you to create code that can be pasted into your signature her or on other sites that allow you to have a custom signature.

    When creating a stat sheet, if you cannot find your bowling center, you can use a different center, then send me a PM with the Center Name, Address and Phone#. Once I enter it into the database, you can then edit your stat sheet to associate it with the new center.

    Be sure to stop by the Welcome Center and let us know how you like our site
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